Friday, August 09, 2013

Gel II Tequila Sunrise with foil!

Hey loves!

Today I want to show you the last set I did for my girl Lyne. What I love about our sessions (besides the constant girl talk) is that Lyne is super adventurous when it comes to her nails and she's always encouraging me to be creative with my designs!  With that said we often find ourselves struggling to settle on one look.

I'd finally gotten around to purchasing some foil and wanted to test the product out on someone who could give me some feedback on how it wears. Lyne was perfect for the job, she's a sucker for colour changing polish and was more than happy to give foil a try.

The base is Gel Two's Tequila Sunset which turns light pink when warm and a juicy red when cold. The red and gold foil couldn't be more eye catching. I can't seem decide which look I prefer! Pink or red?!?


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