Monday, June 11, 2012

LLG anniversary... already?!?


You guys will be reading this in the morning but it is 12:34 AM as I type this. I just realized June 5th last year was when I posted my very first entry. I’ve now been blogging for a whole year! Man I had no clue what I was getting into when I first started doing this (I’m still learning as I go) but I’ve learned a lot and it’s been so much fun. My hope for this new blogging year is to see new growth and consistency at LLG. Much love to anyone who’s ever stopped by to read my jibber-jabber and peep my nail porn.

I’m in the process of moving so keeping up with the blog has been harder but I’m not quitting on you guys! Here are a few pics of the Gelish nails I’m currently wearing.

Cheers to a new and clorful blogging year!

Gelish in Ocean Wave (blue) and Twinkle (gold glitter)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Fiery nails feat China Glaze's Riveting

Hey guys!

I am so sick of the rainy weather we’ve been having out here in MTL… Urgh. It’s so damp and wet all the time... The perfect weather for me to catch a cold.  Snif, snif, cough, cough. Urgh.

Today I want to show you a swatch of  China Glaze’s Riveting from the Capitol Colors collection. I had picked this up while shopping at Sally’s in Plattsburgh. This lacquer is so beautiful. Very eye catching and reminiscent of hot coals.