Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheering myslef up with Kleancolor's Metallic Pink!

Hey loves!

I’m still looking for a job and going a little stir crazy from being in the house all the time. I must admit that it’s affecting my mood a little bit so I’ve been wearing a lot of bright colors to try to cheer myself up.  I don’t know if it’s really helping but I like to tell myself that it is!

The polish of the day is Kleancolor’s Metallic Pink which was gifted to me by my sissie Mims. This baby packs a big punch of color. I had some difficulty taking accurate pics of this polish (hence the flash) but I did my best. It’s probably a bit more vibrant in real life. Kleancolor polishes do have a stronger smell than your average polish but the price and the fact that a lot of these are one coaters makes up for that one flaw. After wearing this mani plain I decided to spice things up with some stamping on the pinky and index fingers.


Love this abstract print.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sexy nails feat. OPI's Animal-istic

Hey loves!

Just a quick post to show you a swatch of a polish that really caught my eye but that I just haven’t had the chance to wear/swatch yet. OPI’s Animal-istic is a bright red with hints of orange and tons of beautiful shimmer. This polish goes on quite smoothly though some might consider it a little runny if you compare it to the consistency of a cream polish. Carefully wiping the excess off of your brush will help you avoid flooding your cuticles.

This shade is mad sexy. I don’t know if it’s the shimmer or the overall juicy look of this lacquer but I do know that it’s muy caliente. Totally made for the grown and sexy and luckily for me I just happen to be both of those things. Ha!


What shade do you throw on when you want to feel sexy?


Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Nail Polish Obsession Tag!

Hey loves!

Today’s post is another nail polish tag but this one is a video. I’ve been watching these on YouTube and figured I’d record my own just for fun.


Here’s the nail polish I wore in the video
China Glaze – Midtown Magic

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tales From The Bin feat Sinful Colors' Happy Ending


I plucked this baby off the top of the lacquered mountain that has now become The Bin. I seriously need a new rack to control the overflow. Looking at the pile makes my right eye twitch.

Organizational problems aside, I’ll be showing you Happy Ending by Sinful Colors.  I have a "thing" about Sinful Colors, kinda like a love/hate relationship. I want to love their polish but most of the ones I own are duds. Thankfully it isn’t the case with Happy Ending. I really like this green. It’s just so vibrant! Even more than I was able to show in the pictures.

The switch up.

I finally decided to try a Russian one-stroke design. Since the base color made me think of spring, I decided to try to make white and yellow flowers.  I’m still learning but I like how this turned out. I didn’t  want to take it off!


Detailing created using yellow, white and black acrylic paint.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ramblings + nails feat. Sally Hansen Blue-Away

Hi guys!

The week has been kinda so-so… Unemployment sucks. Not much else to be said about that lol. Other than that, my cat Jackson is alive and scaring the crap out of my kids. They love him to death but he’s been on some hunter mode where he just jumps on everything! If I didn’t know any better I’d think that cat was doing crack cocaine. 

Speaking of cats, today’s manicure is dedicated to the felines! This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta Dri  in Brisk Blue for the ring finger and Blue-Away for all the others (also Insta Dri). I alternated the colors for the spots and used a black striper pen to give them more definition.

Love this manicure. I’m a sucker for animal print.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Purple Fixation

Hey loves!

I haven’t made a video in soooo long. Like  2 or 3 months for sure. I want to start making them again. Especially beauty related vids. If you guys have any special requests you can always leave them in comment section.

I was watching an episode of Basketball Wives LA (I’m still trying to catch up!) and Draya (loves her) was wearing this awesome purple lipstick (I think it was matte too). I’ve been on the hunt for purple lipsticks ever since. Check it out.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orange Fixation feat. Essie Brazilliant

Hey guys,

Today I want to show you guys one of my latest fixations: orange nail polish.  This was 3 coats of Essie’s  Brazilliant. I honnestly had a hard time getting this polish to apply evenly in two coats so that 3rd  one was necessary. I love the way this looks in the bottle. The pink duo chrome effect is beautiful but just doesn’t look the same on the nail. Even so, I really like this shade of orange. An eye-catcher for sure.


Details created with black,  silver and glitter striper pens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pink Wednesday + OPI's Cozu-Melted In The Sun

Happy Pink Wednesday my loves!

Today’s pink look is featuring OPI Cozu-Melted In The Sun. I love this peachy pink shade!

I decided to jazz it up by adding a stripe of Color Club’s Hot Like Lava which is a lovely foil. I then added silver bullion beads where the two polishes meet and added some heart shaped spangles to the ring finger.

That’s it folks!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fashion PSA - Haitian Edition

Hi Loves!

Feels like we haven’t had a fashion PSA in a minute but have no fear cuz I got your fix right here. This picture was taken a few months ago at a Zenglen show (Haitian people and fans of Kompa music should know who I’m talking about).  Your girl is a Canadian of Haitian descent and though I am very proud of my Haitian heritage some people just take things too far…

Click on the pic for a closer look.

Now you know you ass is far too old to be acting a fool like this. I don’t care if you still have a full head of hair. If your hair is white then you ain’t got no business rocking braids, much less red and blue ones. This is a disgrace to the  flag!

This old man done took this ble e wouj * thing to the next level.
*(Translation: blue and red)



Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend debauchery + Color Club's Pucci-Licious

Hi guys!

I hope everyone’s weekend went well! Mine was great until I got sick Saturday night and all day Sunday.  

Never mind the sucky part, Friday I got my sons a surprise; a new kitty cat! We named him Jackson. It’s tradition in Jon’s family for all the boys to be given names that start with the letter J. Since our new kitty is a boy my sons (Jevaughn & Jamian) figured that Jackson would be very fitting.

Isn’t he adorable? He’s so tiny!

I ended up hosting a girl’s night in that night. My sisters, my good friend Miche and I enjoyed good food (cooked by yours truly), some 18 and over trash talk, lots of booze and nail polish of course!

Miche was due for a good mani so I gave her the full spa treatment complete with exfoliation and a hand massage. She gave me carte blanche for the manicure so I started with 2 coast of Color Club’s Pucci-Licious. I added one coat of Nicole by OPI’s One Less Lonely Glitter to the ring fingers and stamped the word “Love” on them using Konad polish in black. I then stamped kisses on all the other fingers with Konad polish in white and added one coat of OPI’s I Juggle Men just for added shimmer.

Needless to say that clean up was gonna have to wait til the morning!


Thursday, February 09, 2012

OPI's Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? - You can't win 'em all...

Hey loves!

Hope everyone is doing well! Oh and special shout out to the new followers and much love to the old ones. I am very thankful for being able to blog and interact with other polish junkies.

On to the polish!

Today I’m showing you guys a sorbet polish from OPI that has been sitting on the shelf for a while now. Ya’ll Come Back Ya Hear? is a yummy orange polish. I loved the way it looked in the bottle. Not so much on the nail. It’s a jelly so it’s supposed to be sheer, I get it but this one was a little TOO sheer for me. Here is it after 3 coats. Notice the very visible smile line.

I was not happy with the final look so I went into embellishment overload with white acrylic paint and star shaped spangles. The look is kinda out there lol on a regular day I guess I’d only decorate one or two fingers. I’ll be wearing this polish with an orange base next time.

You can’t win ‘em all right?!? LOL


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The nail polish tag!

Hey loves!

I was tagged by the beautiful Dre from …So She Writes… She has a bit of everything on her blog and she has awesome nails (lol) so be sure to show her some love by visiting her.

Here are the rules:

You have to answer all 10 questions
You have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers
Let the other bloggers know you’ve tagged them by leaving them a comment

Let’s get into it!

How many nail polishes do you have?

Runs to count the bottles
As of today I have 342 bottle of nail polish (not including treatments). Crazy right?

What is you favorite brand of nail polish?

Jeez! In all reality I cannot say that I only have 1 favorite (it’s more like a top 3) but for the sake of this tag I’m going to say OPI * shocker! *

Do you like Crackle polish or do you hate it?

I honestly still like it! I’m not one to follow trends so I didn’t toss all my Shatters out just because the “community” says it’s out. I think the key with Crackle or Shatter is the color combinations. Try something more “out there” instead of just using classic black or white. I really like Shatter/Crackle for accent fingers.

What brand was your first nail polish?

Damn… scratches head I really wasn’t into nail polish as a kid (and my dad didn’t allow us to wear anything but clear polish) so I only owned maybe 3 at a time. I think the first polish I got would have been something like Revlon or Maybelline.

If you were going to have a nail polish line what would you call it?

Funny enough I used to lay in in bed and talk Jon’s ear off about polish and maybe one day having a polish line (a girl can dream). I think I’d call it Lacquerlicious or something lol.

What nail polish color doesn’t compliment you?

Anyone who knows how much I love polish also knows that there isn’t much I won’t wear but I will say that taupes aren’t the most flattering on me. I still wear them because you can always dress ‘em up but when worn alone I find that they make my hands look dead. Kinda like the blood stopped circulating. Yuk.

Name 2 of your best nail art finds.

Wow so many to choose from! I guess I’d say: fimo canes and 3D acrylic molds.

What was the best nail polish gift you have received?

Uh… scratches head some more… I’d have to say my nail polish racks. I love them. I just sit in front of ‘em and stare at all the beautiful polish.

Make a speech thanking the blogger who tagged you!

Miss Dre! Thank you for thinking about me for this tag. I love all things polish so this was right up my alley, besos chica!

Tag! You’re it!

Angelica from Gracesnaildesigns
Tiffany from Xtiffeeh
Sal from Love-lipstick

Monday, February 06, 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple & Animal Print!

Hey guys!

Today’s manicure is pretty flashy but since this is my last week at my job (I’m leaving  to protect what’s left of my sanity lol) I am feeling very free and therefore, very creative.

I started with 3 coats of Essie Mint Candy Apple. This shade is hot, especially on darker skin tones but the formula is a bit of a pain in the ass. Expect mucho bald spots and dragging. I hadn’t done anything with animal print in so long that I decided to dust off my Konad plates for this one. Using Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Lively Lilac I added prints to all the fingers and the outlined them with silver striping tape. Lastly I added a purple rhinestone to my ring fingers and surrounded them with silver bullion beads. I really like this look. Perfect for hitting the clubs or dinner with your girls. Click on the images for a closer look.


What are you guys wearing on your nails today?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

OPI's Cuckoo For This Color = Memories!

Hi loves!

Okay so I’m gonna take you guys back into time with this one. Today’s polish is THE polish that started it all for me. I’ve led a pretty fast paced life over the past 7 and a half years… With kids, a house, going back to school and trying to support Jon with his business I kinda got lost in the shuffle. I had stopped taking care of myself. I wasn’t doing anything for myself anymore. Everything was for my boys. I was a girlfriend and a mother but somewhere along the way I had stopped being ME. I didn’t even have any hobbies anymore! So after having my second child I started getting into YouTube beauty channels which totally sparked back up my love of makeup (your girl is a TOTAL junky). I also started watching videos about nail polish and that’s where it all began! lol Before that, OPI was a brand that I only wore when I went to the salon (which was rarely) and so after seeing so many pretty nails online I went out and purchased my very first OPI nail polish.

Queue the lights and angels singing

Cuckoo For This Color is the very first OPI polish I have ever owned. It is gorgeous and the formula is super easy to work with. Sadly I only got to wear it once because my interest for polish (not to say obsession) took off very quickly after that! With now almost 400 polishes in my collection it’s very difficult for me to wear the same polish twice (too many untried) but I had to pull this baby back out and take that trip down memory lane with you guys.


This is 2 easy coats

 Stamping with SH Silver Sweep and clear rhinestones at the center

Saturday, February 04, 2012

OPI's Dating a Royal + Kardashian Kolors...

Hi guys!

I know it’s been pretty dead here at LLG this week but I am swamped with work, school, my kids and huge changes in my day to day life. All that to say that my life is mad hectic right now but that your girl is still standing and still painting nails! Today’s manicure is great for those days when you’re just not up for a plain look. I started with 3 coats of OPI’s Dating A Royal (this polish is a jelly so 3 coats are necessary to attain full opacity). Then I went over the ring finger and thumb with Nicole by OPI’s Kendall on the Katwalk (part of the Kardashian Kolors collection). To give this manicure a little bit more pop I added star shaped spangles to my accent fingers.

What do you think?