Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fashion PSA - Haitian Edition

Hi Loves!

Feels like we haven’t had a fashion PSA in a minute but have no fear cuz I got your fix right here. This picture was taken a few months ago at a Zenglen show (Haitian people and fans of Kompa music should know who I’m talking about).  Your girl is a Canadian of Haitian descent and though I am very proud of my Haitian heritage some people just take things too far…

Click on the pic for a closer look.

Now you know you ass is far too old to be acting a fool like this. I don’t care if you still have a full head of hair. If your hair is white then you ain’t got no business rocking braids, much less red and blue ones. This is a disgrace to the  flag!

This old man done took this ble e wouj * thing to the next level.
*(Translation: blue and red)



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  1. I totally agree, wow!!! And Weirdly it's always some Haitian that has to do something like that