Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The nail polish tag!

Hey loves!

I was tagged by the beautiful Dre from …So She Writes… She has a bit of everything on her blog and she has awesome nails (lol) so be sure to show her some love by visiting her.

Here are the rules:

You have to answer all 10 questions
You have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers
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Let’s get into it!

How many nail polishes do you have?

Runs to count the bottles
As of today I have 342 bottle of nail polish (not including treatments). Crazy right?

What is you favorite brand of nail polish?

Jeez! In all reality I cannot say that I only have 1 favorite (it’s more like a top 3) but for the sake of this tag I’m going to say OPI * shocker! *

Do you like Crackle polish or do you hate it?

I honestly still like it! I’m not one to follow trends so I didn’t toss all my Shatters out just because the “community” says it’s out. I think the key with Crackle or Shatter is the color combinations. Try something more “out there” instead of just using classic black or white. I really like Shatter/Crackle for accent fingers.

What brand was your first nail polish?

Damn… scratches head I really wasn’t into nail polish as a kid (and my dad didn’t allow us to wear anything but clear polish) so I only owned maybe 3 at a time. I think the first polish I got would have been something like Revlon or Maybelline.

If you were going to have a nail polish line what would you call it?

Funny enough I used to lay in in bed and talk Jon’s ear off about polish and maybe one day having a polish line (a girl can dream). I think I’d call it Lacquerlicious or something lol.

What nail polish color doesn’t compliment you?

Anyone who knows how much I love polish also knows that there isn’t much I won’t wear but I will say that taupes aren’t the most flattering on me. I still wear them because you can always dress ‘em up but when worn alone I find that they make my hands look dead. Kinda like the blood stopped circulating. Yuk.

Name 2 of your best nail art finds.

Wow so many to choose from! I guess I’d say: fimo canes and 3D acrylic molds.

What was the best nail polish gift you have received?

Uh… scratches head some more… I’d have to say my nail polish racks. I love them. I just sit in front of ‘em and stare at all the beautiful polish.

Make a speech thanking the blogger who tagged you!

Miss Dre! Thank you for thinking about me for this tag. I love all things polish so this was right up my alley, besos chica!

Tag! You’re it!

Angelica from Gracesnaildesigns
Tiffany from Xtiffeeh
Sal from Love-lipstick

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  1. I loved reading your tag and I appreciate the kind words! Now I need somebody to buy me some nail polish racks! lol

    xoxoxo ;-)