Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tales From The Bin feat Sinful Colors' Happy Ending


I plucked this baby off the top of the lacquered mountain that has now become The Bin. I seriously need a new rack to control the overflow. Looking at the pile makes my right eye twitch.

Organizational problems aside, I’ll be showing you Happy Ending by Sinful Colors.  I have a "thing" about Sinful Colors, kinda like a love/hate relationship. I want to love their polish but most of the ones I own are duds. Thankfully it isn’t the case with Happy Ending. I really like this green. It’s just so vibrant! Even more than I was able to show in the pictures.

The switch up.

I finally decided to try a Russian one-stroke design. Since the base color made me think of spring, I decided to try to make white and yellow flowers.  I’m still learning but I like how this turned out. I didn’t  want to take it off!


Detailing created using yellow, white and black acrylic paint.


  1. That green is super gorgeous on ur skintone&love ur nails. E acrylic design u added is beautiful as well <3