Monday, July 25, 2011

This post is dedicated to all the nails lost in the struggle…

My nails have never looked this good. EVER. I trim, moisturize and paint them regularly. Needless to say I just about shriveled up and died when the nail on my index finger got taken out last night. By what you ask? By a damn strand of hair! SMH. I had a tiny tear on the side that I was patching up with nail glue but a strand of my hair got caught in it and sliced the nail from one end to the other. All I have left is a little stub. (sad face) And to add insult to injury, it just HAD to happen to the index on my right hand. MY SWATCHING HAND! * screams in horror *

So after a small intervention from my sisters (I was considering gluing that sucker back on!) I decided to trim it down and see about adding an acrylic nail to it until it grows back. So I’m not really sure what this is gonna mean in terms of my nail posts but I’m hoping the fake nail will work out. *Sigh*

Here is a pic of the mani I had on when the incident occurred. This is 2 coats of OPI’s Alpine Snow topped off with 2012’s  cracked nail polish in Acid Rain. 

 This look was pretty hot. Too bad I had to take it off so soon.



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