Friday, August 26, 2011

There's no place like... the country?!?

Hello dear lovelies!

Just  a little post to show you a quick and easy manicure I wore to a corn shucking shindig that my fiancé’s family was having. Can you believe that Jon and I have been together 7 years now and I had never met that side of his family up until this event?!? Nuts I know but I guess that’s what happens when every one starts having their own lives… I was nervous about meeting them and how they would react to me and our children but everything turned out great and I had a lovely time.

Okay so this corn shucking thing was being held somewhere out in the sticks. Jon’s aunt and uncle have chickens, ducks and even a rabbit! The boys loved it. 

Now boonies or not your girl dresses up her nails for every occasion and this was no exception! I slapped on two coats of  Sally Hansen’s Mint Sprint (Insta-Dri) gave it a moment to dry and topped it off with 2012’s Cracked Nail Polish in DNA. I sealed everything with a Sally Hansen topcoat and voilà! 

 What do you think? Could this pass for country-chic?



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