Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gelish Sugar 'N Spice & Everything Nice + Update!

Hey guys!

It’s been a minute huh? lol Well I couldn’t blog because I was handling some family business, working a few shows and moving! Yes I moved. I’m currently blogging from my new spot. The whole thing was so exhausting! I’m just lying in bed feeling tired just looking at all the stuff I have to unpack. After all the stress I went through to make this happen I decided I’m not going to rush too much.

My poor nails have taken quite a beating and I had to chop them all off again (Gelish is awesome but not a miracle worker). I’ve been wearing the same nail polish for weeks. Urgh. I’m hoping I can tend to that some time tonight. Posting will continue to be slow for the next little while as my kids and I settle in but I think I have a few back up pictures I can use to hold you guys over until I get back into the swing of things. For real. lol

I swear every time I want to kick things into high gear with this blog, something happens in my personal life to slow me down. I’m hoping things will calm down for real in the next few weeks!

Here is a pic of my long nails before the big chop. This is Gelish in Sugar ‘N Spice & Everything Nice with June Bride on the ring finger. I did this mani right after giving my nails that almond shape the ladies are favoring right now. I wore this for almost 2 weeks and as usual Gelish did not disappoint. No chips and amazing shine. What more could a girl ask for?


Gelish Sugar 'N Spice & Everything Nice

Gelish Sugar 'N Spice & Everything Nice

Gelish Sugar 'N Spice & Everything Nice

Gelish Sugar 'N Spice & Everything Nice


  1. Your nails are gorgeous, Vee! I love that shade!

    I hope everything calms down for you soon =)

    1. Awww thank you peanut! I'm a 'newly single' mom now so this move was extra difficult! Lawd gimme strength lol

  2. That's just beautiful. I love all your manies, but you know me. I really like solid colors and that sparkly overlay is just perfect... I think it's the perfect 'vacation nail' look.