Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beach ready with Sandy feat CND gel and Gelish

Hi guys!

Every single computer in my home decided to quit on me! So that's why this blog has been a little dry but I haven't stopped painting nails and I have been accumulating material for you guys.

Let's talk nails!

I'm slowly but surely taking clients again so today I thought I'd start with pictures of the latest set I worked on. Sandy might be tiny in size but this chick has a huge personality! I love clients like her because it just makes the whole experience more fun. Doesn't feel like work at all actually!

Sandy is off to Cuba with her hubby so she called on me to hook her up with a french manicure but with a twist. She's a very active woman who wants pretty nails without too much maintenance so I gave her a very natural gel overlay using CND products. At the request of her husband (the man knows what he likes) I also gave her a french manicure using Gelish in Black Shadow for the tips. Sandy decided that her pinky fingers would wear an accent and chose to go with one coat of Vegas Nights (love that glitter) and the tips in Midnight Caller which is a gun metal grey. 

I'm glad to report that Sandy is a very happy customer and so was her hubby. Expect to see her hands again after the holidays!


Pictures are a courtesy of Emmee from Click, Flash, Buzz.

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