Thursday, February 07, 2013

Catching up with Audrey feat Gel II Soak Off Polish La Shining

Hey loves,

Today I want to show a Gel II Soak Off Gel Polish color called La Shining that I used on my home girl Audrey whom I hadn't seen in a very long time. Luckily for me, we really click so it always feels like family to me when we get back together. Audrey came by with her hubs and my cutie pie of a goddaughter. She has the cutest chubby cheeks!

Audrey was wanting to try some gel polish so she chose Gel II La Shining, a beautiful pearly peach color. This gel polish is a little different from Gelish because it's a 2 step application (no base coat to apply). I really like how this turned out but then again, anything looks good when you have nice nails like Audrey's. This is subtle and very polished; it's also very work appropriate in my opinion.

I ended up speaking to Audrey again a little less than a week later who says that her nails are still looking great even after washing dishes everyday. Something tells me you'll be seeing more of Audrey's hands!

Have you tried Gel II?


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  1. Nice, I'm now interested in gel polish; I can't wait to start swatching the few that I purchased.