Thursday, June 30, 2011

Turn it up or Tone it down?

Hey beauty freaks!

Hope everyone is doing well. I got some good feedback on the video so thank you again and keep watching! I’ve been jotting down your requests and suggestions and I’ll be sure to post another video soon. I’m thinking it’s gonna have to wait til the weekend because editing YouTube videos is A MUTHA. That damn iMovie had me wanting to smash my MacBook into a million pieces…

On to the polish! I have two looks for you today. I’m naturally drawn to vivid colors however I do like to tone it down every once in a while and this is what the first look is all about. I still have quite a few untrieds in my collection and so I decided to grab OPI’s I’m Fondue Of You (Oh OPI, you get me every time!).  I picked this baby up after seeing it on sale at the shop where I usually get my polish. Not too spectacular in the bottle but did I mention it was on sale? This shade went on super smooth and it looked nice but you already know I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I decided to dress it up with a feather and some rhinestones on the ring finger. 

OPI I'm Fondue Of You
Grown up but fun

My next look is more off an attention grabber. I used Gold by Gosh, taped off my nails and painted the tips with Nero also by Gosh. Lastly I added a star to my ring finger  and voila! 

Gold & Nero by Gosh 
I love stars, they make me think of my fiancé aka Jon



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