Friday, June 10, 2011

Mani of the day and a mini haul...

Happy Friday beauty freaks!

The work week was painfully drab and mother nature seems to be going through some "thangs" out here in Montreal so I figured I'd liven things up with a bright mani. Orange and coral type colors are in this summer and OPI's Hot & Spicy (part of the Hong Kong collection) was calling my name so I went for it. Now I'm not one to follow trends but these types of colors just look so good in the summer because that's when most of us tan. Yes. Black people tan too. lol.

Hot & Spicy is a bit of a pain in the ass to apply because it does go on kinda streaky at first, but it all smooths out as you build up the color so a steady hand is the key to making this polish work for you. I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails/Hard as Wraps as a base (I'll review that in a few weeks), did 3 coats of Hot & Spicy and sealed the whole thing with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (love that stuff, thanks Mims!). The color looked so yummy that I decided to add a few fimo slices on the accent nail. To make things even better, I got home from work to find that the mailman had left me a package. Ahhh feels like Christmas in June... Here are the glitters I ordered online along with a couple pretties I picked up today. I'll be doing a few looks with them soon so keep an eye out for that. Click on the pics for a closer look!


The mani of the day
 Don't you just love fimo?
 My first bottle of Nubar in Nubar 2010. 
This will jazz up any polish!
 I loved Hot & Spicy so much that I decided to pick up another orange polish. This one is OPI's Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? from the Texas collection. Awesome jelly and not as pink as H&S.
 I saw Gilded Glitter on Google images and I knew I had to have it! Amazing over any color really, the flakes are gorgeous and for 2.99$ I couldn't pass it up. I ordered it online but if anyone knows where I can get these polishes in MTL just hit me up. Sharing is caring you know.
 NYX's Carnival
The name says it all.
 NYX's Dorothy
It's a black based glitter. I've seen pictures of it on it own and I see it's potential but it just looks way better over a dark base IMO.
 NYX's Enchanted Forest
I don't own anything like this so I guess that's what drew me in. I'm thinking about layering this over a bright yellow.
The ever so popular Shatter polish by OPI. Okay so it's white; no biggie but still nice to have. Thanks to my girl Fabs I was able to get my hands on the only color missing to make my Shatter collection complete.


  1. Girl, I love what you're doing! Keep 'em coming!!

  2. Awww that's so sweet, I'll be sure to keep posting. Thanks for stopping by Linda!