Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I came to bring the pink!

Hey lovelies!

Hope you guys are having a good week, it’s Wednesday and your girl’s got the pink to get you back in sync! I’m keeping things simple today and after seeing the shade I picked I think you’ll understand why.

Nicole by OPI's Coral Denominator is not your average pink. Why? Because it’s packed with awesome gold shimmer that’s why! What’s not to love about that? I think this color is awesome for every style because it’s not too ‘in your face’ but definitely far from boring. Though the color speaks for itself I still went ahead and stamped the phrase “I am happy” on my ring finger with Konad special polish in white, just because that’s exactly how I feel as I write this post. So there you have it!

Happy Pink Friday beauty freaks!

Pink makes me happy, what about you?