Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Think Pink!

Hi guys,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I know I sure did! Well it's Pink Wednesday again and  though he won't admit it, I think Jon enjoys it. He keeps telling me I look great in pink and gets just a bit more googley-eyed with every flash of my pink nails. I'm not complaining.

Let's talk about today's look. Well first, I cut my nails. I loved my long claws but nails are like accessories to me so I gotta switch it up every now and then or else I get bored. These short nails needed something bold to make 'em stand out and Sally Hansen’s Flashy Fuchsia  was the perfect polish for the job. I then added a snakeskin design with Sally Hansen’s Presto Pink.  I love the Insta-Dri polishes, they’re great for stamping.

Well, I’m off to my next class. Happy Pink Wednesday!

I just love these two together... 
(no flash – it was cloudy out)
Like a match made in polish-heaven!
(with flash)

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