Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show me your stripes!


I just wanted to show you guys a super easy manicure that I decided to recreate after I saw one of my classmates wearing it (thanks Cynthia!). There isn’t much to this look. All you’ll need is white polish (I’m using SH Whirlwind White), a black striper pen and a good topcoat.

Simply start with 2 coats of your favorite white and then, using your black striper pen, make lines in whichever direction you like. Try to keep your hand as steady as you can. I recommend moving the nail as opposed to the striper. You’ll have more control that way.  All you’ll need now is some topcoat! Try to go for a thick one because the key to avoiding smudges in your design is having enough top coat between your brush and the nail. Working in the same direction as your design will also help avoid smudging. Piece of cake!


The vertical stripes remind me of Beetlejuice. Ha!

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  1. I love this manicure! So monochromatic :) I love Beetlejuice lol!

  2. Thank you Dre! I really appreciate your comments, I don't get that many lol.