Saturday, January 21, 2012

This polish is called what now?!?

Hey loves!

I wanted to show you swatches of a polish that I received in my very last haul of 2011.  I didn’t own a whole lot of Color Club polishes before this haul but they were on sale for dirt cheap so I had to scoop them up! The lacquer of the day is Color Club’s Pucci-licious. Love the polish, kinda feel weird about the name… I dunno how it’s pronounced but when I first bought it, it reminded me a lot of a not so cute word that can refer to a woman’s “goods” or a small cat. You know what I’m talking about.

This shade is beautiful and so is the formula. I love Color Club. They have a lovely selection of colors and the product is always easy to work with. I attained full opacity in two coats.


The switch up! One coat of Essie’s Shine of the Times and one coat of China Glaze’s Matte Magic.


  1. This is a pretty color and i LOVE the name. I would definitely buy it because of the name! I mean Nars has a blush called Deep Throat, so this polish being named Pussy-Licious is not that bad lol even though its pronounced Poochie-Licious. Thank you for thinking about me for the nail polish tag. I was too inpatient to wait on someone to tag me, darn Aries!