Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even nail biters can have pretty nails!

Hi loves,

This post is a quickie. I wanted to show you guys some gel nails that I had the chance to work on. The model is a nail biter so I had to deal with damaged cuticles and a very small nail plate but never fear! The nail doctor is here! Lol Okay, okay let’s get serious. My model wanted a French manicure which would have been impossible with her natural nails so I decided to make things easy on myself by gluing on some white tips. I do think that the free edge of the nail (whether natural or artificial) should be shorter than the nail plate in order to achieve a balanced look however my client’s personal preferences trump any “rule” I could ever make up. She wanted really long nails so we went for it! Using the CND nail system I was able to give her the length all while keeping the nails thin. I think there’s nothing worst than thick fake nails. Urgh. Considering what I was asked to do I am pretty happy with the result and so was my model. That’s all folks!


With flash

 Without flash


  1. This is awesome. I was a nail biter for most of my life so far. So nice of you to consider her wishes and give her the French. Maybe she can kick the habit now.

    1. Nail biting is a really hard habit to break and can make you feel self conscious. I was happy to be able to help! I live for pretty hands! ha!