Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guess who's back?

Hey guys!

Long, long, looooog time no blog… I really had a lot of things to deal with in my personal life and as much as I missed blogging I had other things to focus on. I think it's now safe to say that things are falling back into place for me and so I am glad to announce that I am back. Thank you all for sticking with me and continuing to check out my blog even through this recent dry spell. 

I might have been gone for almost a month but I've still been doing nail polish related things and so I'm taking my time and preparing posts for you guys. Still, I couldn't leave you without some nail porn so today I decided to show you my new obsession: Gelish soak-off gel polish!

Okay so this product is right up there with CND's Shellac but with a much wider color selection. If you want vibrant colors, incredible shine and beautiful chip-less nails for at least 2 weeks then you want to get into this. I currently own 15 shades of it and I am in LOVE. My sis Mims was kind enough to be my guinea pig. She's wearing 2 coats of Tiger Blossum. 


No dry time and the shine? Bananas. The picture doesn't do it justice. 

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