Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ice cream dreams...

Hey loves!!!

Thank God for scheduled posts because taking care of a 2 small boys just doesn’t leave much time for blogging. The bit of time that I do get to myself is reserved for napping so you see my dilemma. Okay so another quick post to show another look I did using acrylic and nail art molds.

It was my very first time doing 3D nail art and so my focus was on that and not so much the nail application so please forgive me if it’s not perfect. I quickly applied the acrylic nail onto practice finger and then laid down 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet. I love that color. It makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I look at it against my skin. I usually get hungry right after that… Mmmm mint chocolate chip… * drools *

I then made two adorable ice cream cones with white acrylic and hand painted them using regular acrylic paint. I love this! I just wish it was summer so I could wear it. I think this is cute for an accent nail, doing this on all 10 fingers would be total overkill.

Gotta get back to my little monsters but I’ll be hitting you guys up with more nail porn and a makeup tutorial very soon!


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