Friday, December 30, 2011

Nicki Minaj For OPI pt. 2 - Swatches & Review

Hi guys!

I’m back with the 2nd installment of my Nicki Minaj for OPI review! These 3 polishes are the “attention grabbers” of the collection. Let’s get right to the swatches!

Metallic For Life:

Silver glitter in a black base. This is very pretty. At first look it reminded me of Nicole by OPI’s Nicole’s Nickel but Metallic For Life is actually a little darker and has much chunkier glitter. In order to avoid having to apply 3 coats, I decided to start with one coat of Sally Hansen’s Black Out and then added 2 coats of Metallic For Life. 

Super Bass Shatter:

I for one am not tired of shatter nail polish. It’s the color combinations that make the whole thing work! Super Bass Shatter is a shimmery purple that was very easy to apply. It didn’t have that thick consistency we’ve all come to expect from shatter polishes.  This is one coat of Super Bass Shatter over 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Lacey Lilac (Xtreme Wear).

Save Me:

This one is gorgeous in the bottle but I wasn’t so sure that I’d love it on the nail… Thinking this would be too sheer to wear alone I started off by layering it over back nail polish (SH Black Out) but hated the result. I then decided to try it on its own and actually really liked it! I had to put on 3 coats to attain full opacity but it was worth it. Jon thinks this is New Year’s Eve worthy.

So all in all the collection was nice but when  selling a product that represents  a personality as big as Nicki’s  you just HAVE to bring in the the big guns (a holo or crazy flakie in this collection would have been KICK ASS). Fly and Save me were my faves and Did It On Em would have to be my least favorite only because OPI has already given us at least 2 very similar shades in the recent past. There you have it polish freaks! What do you think about the collection? Will you be picking any of these up?



  1. I did order this entire collection (which is waiting on me at home as we speak!), but I have to agree that OPI has come out with greens like Did It On Em before. I wanted Fiercely Fiona but since I ordered this collection I guess I don't really need it now...Lol

  2. You're better off spending your 10$ on a color that you really want. Fiercely Fiona and Did it on Em are just too similar.