Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Pink Wednesday feat Claire's Mood Polish

Oh how I’ve missed posting manicures for Pink Wednesday!

*dramatically places hand over heart*

Today’s polish is a fun one.  I picked this baby up on a quick trip across the border with my girl Bella. Claire’s Excited/Bored mood polish is pretty cool. Excited is a coral pink and appears on the free edge of the nail or when the nails are exposed to cool temperatures. Bored is the peachy pink shade that appears on the nail bed or when the nails are exposed to warm temperatures. This polish was streaky and I had to do 3 coats before I was satisfied with the overall look of my nails. You’ll notice that this lacquer has a satin matte finish but that is easily fixed with topcoat.

I’ve placed my hand in cold and hot water to show you the different shades.

Normal temperature (notice the darker tips)

Excited (cool)

Bored (warm)

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