Saturday, May 26, 2012

The return of nurse Jenny feat OPI Gel Color in Princesses Rule!

Happy Saturday good people!

The lovely nurse Jenny came back last night for another set of Gelish nails. I really care about the service I give and I know that Gelish is an awesome product but I was curious to get Jenny’s feed back after her first set. She loved it! Being a nurse in pediatric surgery is hard on the hands, you ‘re always washing them or soaking them in some kind of solution. Jenny was able to get a good 2 weeks of chipless color and she couldn’t have been happier. She was also surprised to see how her nails have grown!

Just so we’re clear, Gelish is not a nail growing product and it won’t improve the health of your nails if your claws are already damaged. The reason Jenny was able to achieve such noticeable length is because Gelish is very strong and protects the nail therefore she experienced no breakage.

Nurse Jay picked another soft shade (due to hospital rules). This time she opted for OPI Gel Color in Princesses Rule! Though I do have a preference for Gelish (een over Shellac) OPI Gel Color is another product in the same family. Pricesses Rule! is a sheer pink loaded with shimmer. We did 3 coats to get as much opacity as possible.

Another satisfied customer!


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  Peace out!

Beautiful nails to run through her beautiful dreads!

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