Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All I want for my birthday is a fresh manicure! (2 Chainz voice)

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!

Yup, your girl just turned 28. Looks like there ain't no stoppin' this aging thing so I say BRING IT ON!

Getting old is okay I guess but I'd much rather talk about nails! If you follow me on Instagram (look me up: Vamica) then you saw a few pics of my new nails. After creating this set of UV gel  nail enhancements over the weekend, I got together with Emmee from Click, Flash Buzz (check out her beautiful photography here) to take a few shots of my work. I'll be offering my services as a nail tech very soon and I'm trying to work on as many looks as possible. A photo shoot is the perfect way show my future clients what I can do.

Also I will be working with Emmee and setting up a few more shoots which is why I'm currently looking for hand models! So if you're in the MTL area, are not afraid to experiment and would like to get your nails done by me please email me at

Please note that I do have a certain vision in mind for these shoots and so I might require that you send me a picture of your hands in order to help me make my selection. 

All pictures are a courtesy of Emmee from Click, Flash, Buzz.


  1. Very nice shots and the lighting is genious!!!

  2. Thank you girl! You know I trust you eye so that means a lot. Gotta give credit to Emmee for the good work though!