Monday, September 24, 2012

Neutral nails feat OPI's Bronzed To Perfection

Hey Loves!

I truly hate Mondays but starting the week off with a new post sure does make that pill a little easier to swallow. If you follow me on Instagram (under my government name: Vamica) then you know that I am currently rocking some crazy ass stiletto nails that I built with tips and UV gel. I'll be blogging about those soon but in the mean time I want to show you pictures of a simple manicure I worked on a few weeks back.

I painted on two coats of OPI's Bronzed To Perfection on all my nails and then stamped a simple pattern on the ring finger using Essie's Good As Gold (my new go-to gold polish!) to create a subtle and classy look that is perfect for the fall.

Something about this golden brown shade is so warm and cozy. Makes me think of sweet potato pie filling. #FatKidAtHeart


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