Monday, March 04, 2013

Animal print for Nadia feat OPI San Tan-Tonio

Happy Monday my loves!

I'm totally blogging from work while on my lunch break  so I'll try to make this brief! * stuffs face with chicken salad *

Nadia is a new client who came across some of my work in Instagram. We used to run in the same circles back in the day when I was in church but we hadn't seen each other in a minute and this was her first time getting her nails done by me.

Like a good client, Nadia had sent me a picture of the set she wanted prior to us meeting up.

Once we got together she decided to switch up the color scheme by choosing OPI's San Tan-Tonio as a base. The black accents were created using Essie's Licorice and the leopard print was done with acrylic paint.  I had some gold stones but they weren't the right shade so I chose some black stones instead.

So hawt.


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