Saturday, October 22, 2011

October's Luxe Box

Hey dear lovelies!

Today I’ll be showing you the contents of October’s Luxe Box. Now the reason why I didn’t blog or vlog about September’s box is basically because it just wasn’t anything worth writing home about in my opinion. The best item in the box that month was a sample sized bottle of Sèche Vite but this month’s box was actually cool.

Loose Buttons (who makes the Luxe Box) changed their packaging, everything now comes in a sleek black box which contained 5 products this time around:

a .03 oz. vial of Lise Watier’s Flash Lift Radiance

a tube of Olay’s PROx eye restoration complex

a 0.16 oz. tube of Kératase Versatile beautifying oil

a .05 oz. tube of Lise Watier lip gloss in Plumpissimo

a full sized bottle of Essie nail polish in Braziliant

The verdict:

I really liked this month’s box! I’ve always enjoyed Lise Watier products (thought I don’t always enjoy the price) and I am a major lip gloss junkie so the lip product was a win for me. Olay is also a brand that I’ve used (on and off) for a few years and anything to prevent wrinkles is a plus for me so I’m excited to try the restoration complex. Now you know that my favourite thing out of the whole box was the Essie polish. I love orange polish - and with pink shimmer?!? It don’t get much better than this. So this is it for me today, I hope this was helpful and nice change of pace from all the polish posts. I’m going to be putting some makeup tutorials together very shortly so feel free to drop me a line and let me know what kind of looks you guys would like to see.

Until next time!

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