Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God, Music and Laquer feat Gelish Up In The Blue

Hi guys,

I wouldn't normally post two days in a row but I wanted to show you guys this look I did on my Gelish nails before the regrowth got too bad to post... I finally got the chance to play around with my Cheeky stamping plates! I really do love those freaking plates. There's a wide variety of images so they cater to every style. There were also some stamps that I was wanting to mess around with so I decided to give them a try once I gave myself a new gel polish manicure.

This set is all Gelish. I used Up In The Blue and Black Shadow for the thumb and ring finger. There is also one thin coat of Champagne on the fingers in blue.

These are the kind of nails that make people at my job think it's okay to randomly grab my hands so they can get a better look at my claws. Flattering but slightly annoying and quite frankly... unsanitary. Sigh. The nails are nice tho... #LOL



  1. I am so in love with your nails, Vee! I totally want to trade manis with you! I need to get my hands on a stamping kit and some cool plates.

    1. Thanks Dre! No but real talk: girl you need to get with the stamping, I think you'd enjoy it! The fun thing about it is that everyone makes stamping plates now so it's not expensive to get started unlike when I first started and thought Konad was the only brand out there lol