Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Neutral Yet Edgy? feat China Glaze Sunset Sail

Hi guys!

Man my nails have been a mess lately. I've just been neglecting them, not giving myself manicures or moisturizing my cuticles enough and the cold weather doesn't help either. Urgh. Well I got sick of watching my nails break the second my free edge would grow out so I'm wearing gel polish until I get to a decent length. I'm already missing my long nails...


So I've been nursing my nails back to life which got me in the mood for some fresh paint (I had been nail polish free for over a week!). What you'll see below is two coats of what could possibly be my new favorite neutral: China Glaze's Sunset Sail. On the ring finger I printed a delicate design using Wet N Wild Black Creme, I then painted the thumb in the same black and added one coat of OPI's Metallic 4 Life.


Neutral with some edge. Makes me wanna wear black lace!

 In natural light

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