Friday, January 11, 2013

All Black Everythang feat Gelish Black Shadow

Happy Friday Loves!

Today I want to show you my sister Chachi's first manicure of 2013. My sisters and I are uber close (oh but we weren't always!) so it was only natural for us to spend New Year's together. We wrapped up the festivities fairly early but not before getting our nails 'did'!

Chachi loves black. She litterally could wear black everyday for months and still not run out of options. What else does Chachi love besides the color black? Skulls. Yup. Give her anything black with skulls on it and she squeals like a school girl. I've always found that amusing, considering that she's a bible-toting-Jesus-freak.

Wine glasses in hand we came up with this simple 'All black everythang' look. What you see below is Gelish in Black Shadow with Vegas Nights on the accent finger. The skull image came from my MASH set and I used Konad special polish in white. The crystals make the whole thing pop.

How do you make your black polish pop?


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