Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let freedom ring! feat Essie's Pink Diamond

Hola my loves!

There are certain things about my private life that I don't talk about on my blog but it looks like the storm has passed so I'm feeling a little better about opening up. Last Saturday marked one year since I broke up with my children's father. I was a wreck last year but your girl is back so what did I decide to do on that same day one year later? CELEBRATE! I've got my health, my kids are happy and healthy, I love them and they love me. Sounds like I've got plenty to celebrate! It's a major shock when you find yourself starting over after being with someone for so many years but if you guys knew what I went through last year then you'd know that I've got nowhere to go but up honey!

With that said I left my babies with their aunties and took my happy ass to the casino for dinner and gambling with my girls. What a night! We had security going all kinds of crazy (still LMAO!).

I kept things simple, girly and sparkly with Essie's Pink Diamond as a base and one coat of Essie's A Cut Above for some shine.



  1. I love the pink and the sparkle! Cute mani, Vee!

    1. Miss Dre sho loves her some pink! I really did enjoy wearing this. I dressed up in all black everythang so it added a nice feminine touch! Been reading your blog ma, I just gotta be better about commenting! Talk to you soon :)